Lynnette Debolt


Lynnette Debolt

WSD Employee and Teacher


My creativity started at a young age with my first finger painting. I come from a large family of crafters, so I was exposed to a lot of different types of art. I stared combining photos with memorabilia and "found" objects in the 80’s. For me writing in a journal came in my 20’s. I regularly wrote about my days whether they were good or bad. These books are tucked away, but occasionally it’s fun to pull them out and look back on events from my life that have made me who I am today.

I am a Midwest girl born and raised in Michigan. I moved to Florida after meeting my soul mate on vacation. My husband, Sean, is a native Floridian. He shares my creative spirit; beyond that we are polar opposites but balance each other out perfectly. When we aren't at work we spend all our time together.  We love to cook together and explore the world around us. Our favorite dates are tasting craft beers and junking. We love to repurpose the treasures we find. We have 2 amazing boys, 11 & 15. They are totally tech kids and are plugged in more often than not, but every once in awhile I find a sketch pad with a great drawing on one of their desks. Dinner at the kitchen table is very important to us and we are fortunate to be able to have that time together nightly. We all love quality time on the road whether it’s a Sunday afternoon adventure, a road trip to the mountains, or going to and from school.

Whim So Doodle is my playground. It was here, as a customer, that I started making friends in Florida and realized that there are other people like me. I love all mediums and every inch of WSD. My passion for journaling and doodling has filled many drawers at home with pens and paints. I buy almost every new medium that comes into the store, take it home to experiment with it, see what it does, then I move on to the next new thing. The naturalist in me appreciates the neutral earthy color pallet but the bright expressive colors are always the winner in my world.

My creative brain never shuts off. My eyes are always paying attention to the art around me, whether it’s a billboard or a leaf, I’m constantly inspired by life and the world. I consider documenting in journals or scrapbooks to be my main creative outlet but I also make a lot of home décor and personal accessory items. My creativity goes beyond paper and canvas as I play a lot with yarns, fabric, beads, and anything else I get my hands on.

I have taught many classes at WSD, including: scrapbooking, cards, coloring, and product knowledge. My favorite thing to do at the store is brainstorm ideas with customers and help them choose the products they need to complete their projects; it's a bonus when they bring their finished product back to show me.

Something you don't know about me is that I am actually a very shy and self-conscious person. That doesn’t come out often here because I am excited about everything we do and sell at Whim So Doodle but most importantly I am comfortable surrounded by “my people”.