Sue Lelli


Sue Lelli

WSD Teacher & Prima Educator

I started as a Prima Ambassador in August 2015 and became a Prima Educator for Whim So Doodle in March, 2017. My parents were always crafting so I learned to love making things at a really young age.  Both of my parents have passed away and some of my fondest memories are of the times we spent making things. We didn’t have a lot of money to buy gifts for friends or teachers so I always had to come up with a new craft idea every year.

I am inspired by EVERYTHING!  Some of my best ideas happen while I am sleeping and I always dream in bold bright colors!  I am also inspired by other people and I Love taking classes. I am a HUGE card maker and make over 100 Christmas cards every year in addition to the birthday, holiday, anniversary and just thinking of you cards I make throughout the year.  When my in-laws passed away and my parents passed away, I discovered they had saved every card I had ever sent them.  That made me feel that receiving cards was special to them.

My favorite part of the store is Prima of course!  But ALL of WSD is so Amazing! I like to teach using Prima products in many different ways so that students are able to try out new products and new techniques.  I also try to include some free Prima product in every class so they can take it home and play some more.

I’ve been happily married for 29 years and we have one son who is 26.  My husband and I are retired and we spend most of our time traveling – whenever I’m not crafting! 

I adore seniors and love to help them.  My husband calls it talking to strangers!  Every Tuesday I take a 92 year old woman with Alzheimer’s to lunch.  I’ve kinda adopted her as my Mom and she says I’m the daughter she never had!