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52 Pick Up
52 Pick Up
52 Pick Up

52 Pick Up

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Stephanie Ackerman

Stephanie first debuted 52 Pick Up in 2013.
There was another round in 2014 but has been on pause since then...until now!
52 Pick Up 2019 will debut on Saturday, February 16th at WhimSoDoodle and we would LOVE for you to join us in so good ol' mixed media fun!
What is 52 Pick Up?
A set of 52 reminder cards of things, quotes, words, verses we might already know, just forgot to remember. Little reminders, or "pick me ups" you can place in your journals, wallets, planners, bibles or wherever you want.
52 weeks, ONE YEAR filled with laundry, distress, celebrating, wondering, indecision, of wanting to do more, of not knowing what to do, of resting, promoting, carpool, homework, planning, preparing, praying, making decisions, choosing, cheering on and cheering up, weeping and mourning, of praising and worship... 
As women, daughters, sisters, neighbors, friends, moms, creatives, at one point or another, we seem to have so much going on that we forget to stop, even a second, unless we drop and by that point,
things might be unwinding, unraveling and unruly..   

  • When I need to quick "pick-me-up" quote or verse to remind myself, or to remind another.. 

  • When I want to take a little time to create something but I don't have a lot of time.. 
52 hand-created cards of encouragement to reflect on, to look at, to share, to use as support and as reminders for ourselves and for others.. 

That is what 52 Card Pickup is all about.
Whether you create one card a month, one card a week or all year long, the important thing is that you stop and take time to create C.A.R.D.S:
Create something based on what is on your mind, in your heart and in your prayers.
Add quotes or verses that apply to your thoughts and prayers.
Reflect and remember WHY you are creating & WHAT you are creating.
Decide to make "that choice" "a change" or say a prayer for what your card represents.
Share it with others...and then keep on going.   
It is our job to be faithful, trustful, creative influencers, not only for God, our families, our friends and neighbors but for ourselves.   
We cannot forget about ourselves and we cannot forget to take a little time to do what we love.
Supplies Included in Workshop:
  • A deck of cards (52)
  • Foam Brushes
  • Assorted Acrylic paint
  • Washi Tape Assortments from Dina Wakley & Tim Holtz
  • Cardstock & Paper for painting
  • Heart patterns
  • Various hand carved background stamps & Ink Pads