Doodling for Business: Color Focus

Doodling for Business: Color Focus

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Michelle Royal

Meeting notes and whiteboards stream in Black and White. In this class on Doodling for Business: Color Focus, we will learn the basics of color theory and how it relates to supporting the goals of a group meeting, inspiring new ideas or even remembering information.

We learn as much as 28% percent more and retain 67% more when we doodle and can accelerate absorption of knowledge 66,000 FASTER with mastery of visual language. Learn the essential skills to improve communication, increase team problem-solving ability, and build new ideas through the power of doodling. You will learn how to apply visual language to everyday life and business. Bring your ideas to life at record speed and learn how to Doodle for Business.

Please Bring: Large practice paper and post it paper, will be provided. Bring a sketchbook and an art pen/markers/colors. We will play with the instructor's materials. The following few sentences can be left in this box for every class

Please note this class is being held at an art store! Almost everything you need for class is for sale at Whim So Doodle. If you don’t have everything you need, then you can pick it up from us and receive a 10% discount on everything for the class day!