Reduction Painting

Reduction Painting

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Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

This is an easy technique that anyone can do! Embrace your love of color and pattern and learn how to control it through reduction painting. Whether you want to create abstract, figural, landscape, or word art, this technique will work for you! Leave class with at least two finished paintings and a multitude of ideas!

Students Should Bring:

  • Paintbrushes (1 small round, 1 medium round, 1 large at, and any others you like)

  • Water Jar or container for water

  • 6-10 colors of acrylic paint (including white & black)

  • 9x12 watercolor paper (at least 4 pieces, more if you


  • Favorite stamps & stamping ink

  • Favorite stencils

  • Cosmetic wedge sponges

  • Palette Paper

  • Scratch paper for sketching and pen/pencil

  • Optional: apron, rag or paper towel, heat gun and

    extension cord/power strip, spray bottle of water, favorite paint markers (I use Permapaques)