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Rows & Columns Stencil

Rows & Columns Stencil

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Ink by Jeng

XL Large Stencil - Still fits within the back of your A5 Journal Pocket **
Perfect for 5mm grids! 

I was tired of counting out the rows and columns of my journal. Yes, we all know that the popular journals are 5mm, 26 boxes across and 38 boxes down. But how many times have you had to use your ruler to count out the boxes for your spreads. Traceable spreads work fine for thin paper journals. But what about the thicker paper used in Scribbles that Matter and Lemome? The lines are too hard to see through the thick paper. This is where the stencil comes in handy!

Want an even 7 boxed grid? Grab the stencil and look for 7 and figure out what width would work well for your spread. The stencil is transparent enough for you to see your dot grid in good lighting. The holes are perfect for you to use your pencil to easily make a mark. Then use the edge of the stencil to make a straight edge!

This stencil is made out of 10mil mylar and is screen printed with UV ink.


These stencil designs were designed by me. Please take a look at the later images to see my initial project design in my journal. For ideas on how to use these stencils, check out my instagram account @inkbyjeng.


10mil thin plastic - This plastic is very flexible and lightweight. The thin material allows you to achieve crisp lines and doesn't work against your pens. The plastic is frosted clear but translucent enough to see through.

4.5"x7.75" - Fits in the back of A5 journals.**


- Keep away from children. This is not a toy.
- Copyright is not transferable with purchase.

** Stencils have been tested to fit inside the back pocket of the Leuchtturm1917® and Lemome® Journals. INKBYJENG is not affiliated with these journal companies.

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