Vision/Mood Board Workshop

Vision/Mood Board Workshop

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Alicia Geigel 

Combine the art of collage and manifestation during this creative yet informal workshop. Vision Boards are a great first step towards accomplishing a specific goal, while Mood Boards are ideal for curating and reflecting a project’s particular style or concept. I’ll walk you through the applications of both and then we’ll each have time to put together a board of our own.

Bring any magazines you have laying around the house to add to the collection I’ll be bringing to class. If you have any push pins, bring those along as well!

I will be supplying the cork board! we will also have more push pins available for sale at the store.

This class is being held at an art store! Almost everything you need for class is for sale at Whim So Doodle. If you don’t have everything you need, then you can pick it up from us and receive a 10% discount on everything for class day!